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Don't Be Scared!

Ingo Blum, Mark Balita

Little Bird is Afraid of Heights

Ingo Blum, Liubov Gorbova

Our Class is a Family

Shannon Olsen, Sandie Sonke

Rhyming Book

The Adventures of Lillicorn in WooWoo Land

Lisa Moss, Dr Thomas Bernard

STEM Interactive Activity Rhyming Book

With Flying Colors - English Color Idioms (French-English)

Anneke Forzani, Dmitry Fedorov

Everyone is Unique

Faleena Hopkins

Zippy Schnauzers in France

Mica Jorgensen, Maria Andrieieva

The Lion's Share - English Animal Idioms (French-English)

Troon Harrison, Dmitry Fedorov

Icing on the Cake - English Food Idioms (French-English)

Troon Harrison, Joyeeta Neogi

Fresh as a Daisy - English Nature Idioms (French-English)

Diane Costa, Maria Russo

The Mystical Flower

Pearly Pouatcha, Ashley Fedor, Akiko Okabe

Sky Cloud City (Edition - Proofreading)

Maria Kamoulakou-Marangoudakis, Aspasia Arvanitis

Sky Cloud City Activity Book (Edition - Proofreading)

Maria Kamoulakou-Marangoudakis, Aspasia Arvanitis

So This is Goodbye

Jodi Allen Brice


John Kipling Lewis

Flash Fiction & Poems

The Last Forest

A.L. Butcher

The Artist

Elaina J Davidson

The Wishing Ring of Old Queen Maab

Steve Vernon

Fairy Tale

The Barman

Elaina J Davidson

After Things Went Bad

Renee Harrell

Three Tales Of The Near Future - Collection of Stories

Bad Boy Alphas Series

Renee Rose, Lee Savino

16 Books Series - Paranormal Romance, Shifter Romance (Ongoing)

Raider Warlords of the Vandar

Tana Stone

Sci-Fi Romance (Ongoing)

Guardians of Arkansas Series

Jodi Vaughn

9 Books Series - Paranormal Romance, Shifter Romance (Ongoing)

The Cherry Series

Victoria Quinn

2 Books Series - Romance

Veiled Secrets

Jodi Vaughn

Paranormal Romance Novel

Dragons of the Bayou Series

Candace Ayers

6 Books Series - Paranormal Romance, Shifter Romance

Ray Series (Contributor)

E L Todd

Romance Series

What Color is Your Sky?

Herve Da Costa

Self-Help Book

Poets 4 Paris

James P Wagner, Local Gems Press

Poems In Response To November 13th, 2015 Collection of Poems

Secourir Mattie (Les Seigneurs de Kassis)

S.E. Smith, Gaëlle Darde (Translator)

Sci-Fi Romance

Le Voyage de Jo (Les Seigneurs de Kassis 3)

S.E. Smith, Gaëlle Darde (Translator)

Sci-Fi Romance

Krac & la fauteuse de troubles (Les Guerriers de Zion 2)

S.E. Smith, Gaëlle Darde (Translator)

Sci-Fi Romance

La Reine des Triades

Philipp Schmidt, Cécile Bénédic (Translator)

Science Fiction

Timeless Series (Contributor)

E L Todd

Contemporary Romance


Visual Task Management App


Responsible Shopping App

Linen Tales

Linen Website

Chateau Trois Collines

Vineyard & Winery Website


CBD Shop


Do-It-All Real Estate Website

TShirt Studio

Custom T-Shirts Website

Take Five Homes

Shared Holiday Homes Website


MÖBI Games

Stacking Game

Good Pizza, Great Pizza


Pizzeria Management Game

These Cards Will Get You Drunk

Adult Drinking Game

Finish The Lyrics

Game App

Best Friends Forever (Contributor)


Interactive Story Game

Bambaw - Waste Less, Live More

Zero-Waste Shop

Web & Products Pages


The Leading Brand Performance Cloud for Fashion, Luxury & Beauty

Ebook, Reports & Articles


Beach Towels

Product Description (AZ) Marketing Content

Wool & The Gang

All For One And One For Wool

Social Medias Publications (IG, FB) Newsletters & Product Launches Proofreading of Kits


Ultralight Yoga Mats

Product Descriptions (AZ) Marketing Content

Costa Cruises

Cruise Vacations Website

Webpages & Articles Translation | Edition | Proofreading

Nighthawk and Little Elk (Edition - Proofreading)

eelonqa k harris

Why You Need a Cat

Amy Li

100 Reasons Why I Love My Cat

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